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There’s no need to ever worry about our inventory because we always have plenty of stock on hand, ready to ship at a moment’s notice. From our yard to yours, our trucks take the fencing you need exactly where it needs to go—your project. A successful project is a safe project. So, be prepared with Broadfence.

Features and Specs


Roll Size for 6′ Fence 5′ 8″ x 50′
Roll Size for 8′ Fence 7′ 8″ x 50′
Opacity/Shade Percentage 85%
Metal Grommets 24″ O.C. on all four sides
Fabric/Mesh Design Lock-stitch knitted High Density Polyethylene
Filament Strength 50 lbs. per ft.
Material Break Strength 500 lbs. per ft.
Material Weight 145 GSM (4.28 oz./yd2)
Crystalline Melting Point 133 Deg. C
Composition of UV Inhibitor 1.5% Amplas CM111821/1.5% Equaster CM106000
Flammability Point 364 Deg. C

Product Disclaimer
To prevent serious injury and property damage:

  1. Do not use as part of a tent. Does not meet tent flammability standards. Keep away from ignition sources.
  2. Do no allow children to play with material. Suffocation hazard.
  3. Tie fabric down securely for best results.
  4. Bracing panels for extra support is highly recommended.
  5. Broadfence is not liable for any damage to covered items or fence due to product use or deterioration.

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We like the service, we like the fencing, so we know who to call if we need any more!

- William, General Contractor in Hamilton

This is a wonderful product, It’s a very nice product, it’s flexible and workable, you can do tons of things with it and it makes life easier. So I am recommending it for other contractors.

- Jalal, Contractor in Pompano Beach, FL

The price and shipping cost was the best in the state. We had great experience with their customer service and will definitely be re-ordering from Broadfence.

- General Contractor from Denver, Colorado

I should said that your service was amazing and I am extremely happy with this. Your prompt communication and going the extra mile for the customer is something that is very rare to find this days.

I would definitely will contact you for any fencing or other products that you have in the future.

- Gus B.

I will admit, when the fencing first arrived, we were a little skeptical and unsure if it was the right choice, but once the superintendent started installing it, he has been singing its praises since. It looks sharp, is easy to install, and it stacks great for shipping. He even pulled our CEO aside and was showing him how much he liked the fencing.

As we have been using your temp fencing on one of our projects, we have really liked it so far. This is something I would like to advise the other Project Managers in our company on.

- Nolan - Orem, UT


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